Another flat day on Tuesday – 4/5/11


The stock market remained stuck in neutral for a second day on Tuesday, with traders apparently still waiting for new data points on the strength of the economy and what to expect when Q1 reports start rolling out in a few days. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down six points to 12,394. The Nasdaq Composite was up a bit and the S&P 500 down a bit. Broadcasting stocks were among the losers.

The RBR Radio Index was down 4.302, or 1.1%, to 401.723.

The TVBR Television Index was down 0.456, or 0.2%, to 286.133.


ACME, up 2.8%
Nexstar, up 2.4%
Gray, up 1.8%

CC Media, down 5%
LIN, down 4.5%
Beasley, down 3.3%