Another LPTV Station with Prospects Sold


LPTVWDWW-LP does not project a signal over any major US population centers, but it has a CP that could change all that. It’s the second such LPTV sale in the last couple of months.

The station is licensed to operate on Channel 28 in Cleveland GA.

The seller is Richard C. & Lisa A. Goetz.

The buyer is DTV America Corporation, headed by John Kyle II.

The price is $600,000.

The station serves unrated territory to the northeast of Atlanta. However, it holds a CP that will center it over the city.

A similar deal was filed early in May 2015. It provided for the sale of WLVO-LD from Tugart Properties to United Media Network for $310,000.
WLVO-LD is licensed for Channel 26 in Cumming GA, but holds a CP to change its city of license to Atlanta.

RBR+TVBR observation: Greenhill 1 put the top-drawer full power incentive auction price estimate at $91 million with a media price of $65 million.

What this tells us is that the #9 DMA is somewhat isolated compared to other top 10 markets, but is still expected to generate significant bidding action.

So the question is: How will these two LPTVs fare in a repacking regimen that is seen as highly dangerous by the LPTV community?
Stay tuned.