Another man's opinion of Fox v. Obama


This is the second letter you printed from David Handler attempt to picture FOX News as a legitimate news organization. Recently I wrote a couple of responses and never emailed them but it appears that the time has come. I for one am delighted that President Obama has challenged FOX News.

This after CNN showed FOX News faking crowd response.

Fox is at it again. The president has it right. Fox is not a news network. They are a propaganda machine. Why would the President reward FOX for a combination of continued snubs and made up news stories? Fox doesn’t allow their listeners the opportunity to judge the merits of important issues like healthcare reform for themselves. Instead they help stage phony anti-healthcare reform media events then cover them as news. Did anyone notice the CNN report of Fox’s so called anti-healthcare event recently where a Fox producer choreographed crowd noise then cut to their reporter who reported it as news?

The biggest joke in TV news history is Fox calling itself fair and balanced.

This one is my response to Handler’s earlier support of FOX News: Someone must take issue with David Handler’s statement that Fox News is unbiased. There has never been a less biased TV opinion organization than FOX News. It is sad that a person who seems to be able to write a letter with no grammatical errors is fooled by outright lies and right wing talking points projected on FOX as news. Either that or he has deliberately contacted your blog as part of an attempt to plant false information. Both scenarios are dangerous. I’m not sure which is worse.

Bottom line… He is dead wrong on every count. He is attempting to demonize every legitimate news source by utilizing the big lie in an attempt to make Fox News appear believable. (Check out the Youtube story below about their recently faked news story). We all need to be vigilant in protecting press freedom. It starts with challenging demagoguery whenever and wherever it is encountered.

Don Surath
Media Consultant

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