Another media frontier


Hey, we have an idea! Let’s combine the old-fashioned human sandwich sign with the latest in video technology! DAMN! Already done. Beryl’s World/IMC has been around since 1929, and is already out with the Wearable Video Vest, an article of clothing which boasts "full motion video with stereo sound" and which can go anywhere its human goes. The human is also available to interact with the public in a way a broadcast, newspaper or website cannot. Beryl’s says it already has clients such as Comcast, Seminole Hardrock Hotel and Casino, Westgate Resorts, Corning Data and Golden Palace, which rent or lease the vests for trade shows and street campaigns.

RBR/TVBR observation: All we can say is that if we go to the local nature park this summer and see turtles sunning themselves on rocks while presenting top-quality video and audio on the topic of car wax, we will not be amused. We also won’t be surprised.