Another music group gets a boost from radio


Two media are helping Camper Van Beethoven get the word out about their latest release – music magazines and a pair of influential radio stations in two of America’s largest markets.
The magazines are Spin and Pitchfork.

The radio stations include a key noncom: Fordham University’s WFUV-FM New York; and a commercial outlet: Cumulus Broadcasting’s KFOG-FM San Francisco.

The new Camper Van Beethoven album, out 1/22/13 as the band kicks off its 30th year of existence, is “LA COSTA PERDIDA” released by 429 Records.

In announcing the availability of the album, 429 Records stated, “The album has already garnered media and radio accolades and buzz with rave reviews in Spin Magazine and Pitchfork as well as key radio airplay at WFUV and KFOG.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Time after time record labels brag about the airplay one of their acts is getting. If performance royalties ever went to court, labels v. radio, the radio contention that airplay has intrinsic value would find some of its strongest supporting statements in the press releases of record labels.