Another New Low For iHeart’s ‘Stub’


The publicly traded “stub” of iHeartMedia stock fell again in Monday’s trading. At the Closing Bell, it reached a new low on lighter-than-average trading volume.

Going in to Tuesday’s trading, IHRT stands at 57 cents a share, down 6.6% from Friday. On Nov. 20, shares stood at $1. On Aug. 16, iHeart stock was at $2.

Meanwhile, Pandora Media shares were down 5%, to $4.93, on Monday despite news that it has an expanded partnership with Comcast to integrate its on-demand Premium service and Plus subscription on the Xfinity platform.

Trading volume was at 14.8 million shares; average volume is 9.8 million.

Also down on Monday is Salem Media Group. The conservative and Christian-leaning broadcast and publishing company suffered a 7.4% dip in its share price, landing at $4.08.

The finish marks a new low for Salem shares, which were at $7.45 on June 27 and peaked at $8.15 on May 8.

Lastly, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) shares plummeted by 29%, to 22 cents, as investors continue to express uncertainty in the company majority-controlled by Raul Alarcon Jr.

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