Another poll says the public is down on the news media


We cannot remember ever seeing a poll on public perception of the job the news media is doing that produced a positive result, and the latest poll on the topic from The Hill adds one more to the pile. Of course, we haven’t seen much positive on the politicians they cover, either.

68% of respondents believe that the news media is biased. 46% say the edge goes to Democrats, 22% say it goes to Republicans, and 28% say that for the most part reporters do a balanced job.

Another negative element: 57% believe the news media is somewhat or very unethical, compared to 39% who think give them credit for meeting appropriate ethical standards.

Is part of the problem that reporters become too friendly with the politicians they cover? 44% think so, and only 24% do not think this is a problem.

Conservatives are the most likely to be down on the media – only 17% think political reporting is done correctly. The poll also found men more likely to have a negative opinion of the media than women as a general matter.

RBR-TVBR observation: The Hill suggests that the results of this poll may have been damaged due to the fact that it was taken while the News of the World scandal was raging in the UK. We’re not so sure – as we said, although the numbers may be a little different, the overall negative results is completely in line with what we always see in a poll on the press.