Another Shaky Session For Media Stocks


Well, that was a fun week, wasn’t it? The Dow Jones Industrial Average continued its rollercoaster-like activity on Friday with a 330.44-point gain to 24,190.90. Nasdaq was up 97.33, to 6,874.49.

For media stocks, the week ended with many ups and downs. On the way down is Pandora Media, mired in a slump since November.

At the Closing Bell, the streaming audio company’s stock was off 1.4%, to $4.59.

That’s the wrong direction for a company whose shares fell below $5.25 as part of a tumultuous week as October became November, and Pandora said goodbye to stock prices as high as $8.

Worse yet, on Feb. 13, 2017 Pandora shares were trading in the $13.55 range.

On the way up is Entercom, which recovered from a mild dip in its share price with a 1.8% gain, to $10.05.

Also heading in the right direction is CBS Corp., which enjoyed a 1.9% rise, to $52.76.

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