Another shoe drops in coastal Carolina merry-go-round


A trio of deals in the Wilmington NC Arbitron market has become a quartet, with the FCC filing of yet one more application to transfer a license. This time, Capitol Broadcast Company is informing the FCC that its sale of WSFM-FM to Sea-Comm Inc. will allow it to reel in WLGD-FM Jacksonville NC, which it had placed in a trust to remain within the local ownership cap.

Capitol, headed by Jim Goodmon, will be returning WLGD to its own portfolio under the licensee name Sunrise Broadcasting LLC. It will be coming from babysitter Carolina Broadcasting and Publishing Inc. as Trustee, headed by Tom Campbell.

Jacksonville is one of the title communities in Arbitron’s Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville market, but is also considered part of the adjacent Wilmington market. It will be in a cluster with WMFD-AM/WILT-FM Wilmington, WAZO-FM Southport and WKXB-FM Boiling Spring Lakes.

Sea-Comm is buying Sunrise/Capitol’s WSFM-FM Oak Island, and swapping WUIN-FM to Carolina Christian Radio Inc. for WMYT-AM. Both WUIN and WMYT are licensed to Carolina Beach.

Details of the Sunrise, Sea-Comm and Carolina Christian dealings are available here.

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