Another station fined for late-filed license renewal


Victory & Power Ministries is licensee of WPFC(AM) Baton Rouge LA, and like many a licensee before it, the company told the FCC that changes in management and other things caused processing of its license renewal to fall through the cracks. That is no excuse, notes the FCC.

The license application is due four months prior to license expiration – in this case, it meant it was to be filed by 2/1/04 in advance of the 6/1/04 license end-of-term. However, the WPFC application was not filed until 10/14/04, meaning that for over four months the station was essentially a spectrum pirate, operating without authorization.

In addition to pleading that the oversight was unintentional and the result of the station going through a transitional period, Victory & Power said the standard $7K fine for an application filed this late would be a financial hardship.

The station filed financial documentation from 2003 to 2005, showing income of about $414K, $586K and $392K, which the FCC said was more than sufficient to handle its fine, so the Notice of Apparent Liability has now become a Forfeiture Order to the tune of $7K.