Another station headed away from commercials


Davidson Media Group, headed by Felix L. Perez, has a deal to sell WPYR-AM Baton Rouge to a local religious outfit. Catholic Community Radio Inc. will pay $350K cash to take the station into the realm of religious non-profit.

CCRI is headed by David Dawson, John Hebert and Michael Norwood, and WPYR will be its one and only station. It’ll put $12.5K into escrow and come up pay the full amount on closing day.

Davidson had been programming an Hispanic format on the station.

One positive sign in this troubled trading environment is that the station appears to at least have retained its value over the last year and a half. Davidson obtained it in a multistation swap with Michael B. Glinter in a deal filed with the FCC 6/10/08.

Glinter obtained it from Pamal Broadcasting just a few months prior. The 2/20/08 contract between the two also featured a price tag of $350K.