Another Stock Slip For Comscore


Bryan Wiener is gone as CEO. So is all of the momentum fueling a two-month jump in share value at Comscore.

Since topping $23 on February 25, Comscore shares have steady retreated. Now, nearly all gains since Christmas 2018 have been wiped out.

A 9-cent decline on Wednesday put SCOR at $13.97. That price was last seen on December 28.

Volume of 537,050 shares was seen; normal trading volume is 204,060 shares.

The December 2018 activity for Comscore stock was the culmination of a months-long decline from the mid-$25 range, seen in June 2018.

But, it is the long-term investor that is suffering the most as Comscore shares were valued at $58.50 in July 2015.

Meanwhile, Rosen Law Firm has added its name to the list of legal houses announcing an investigation of securities claims against the company, which announced late Sunday that CEO Wiener and its President had resigned.