Another week without huge attention-grabber


Project for Excellence in Journalism has its new chart out for the week of 5/13-5/18/07, and the top ten stories are unusually balanced. Two stories – events in Iraq and campaign 2008 – shared the top slot (with PEJ giving the nod to Iraq to head the list).

The individual media lists reflected the lack of any one big story, with two putting Iraq events on top, two going with the campaign, and radio finding a third option – the ongoing immigration saga, which just missed making it a three-way tie for first on the total media chart with 9%. PEJ noted the unusual circumstance of the events portion of the multifaceted Iraq coverage clearly outdrawing the policy debate this time around.

The biggest disappearing stories were the New Jersey terror plot and the Kansas tornado story. The fired attorney controversy disappeared from the top 10 list as well, but testimony from former DOJ exec James Comey picked up where it left off, keeping an unwelcome spotlight on AG Alberto Gonzales.