Antenna Direct Brings Amplifier, Indoor HD Aerial To Market


HDTV antenna provider Antennas Direct has introduced two new products for use on a home television in the digital age. One is an in-line amplifier, while the other is an indoor TV antenna.

Now available are the Jolt Switch in-line amplifier and the ClearStream HORIZON indoor TV antenna.

The Jolt Switch is an enhanced version of the Jolt amplifier and improves on performance, design, and user experience. Using the on/off switch, the Jolt Switch provides amplification when it is needed in real time or bypasses amplification when a TV channel does not need it. When in use, the Jolt Switch increases TV signals to deliver clearer picture and sound, and can even broaden access to channels beyond the antenna’s standard range.

This new version of the USB in-line amplifier has a higher gain of 18 dB, is compatible with most TV antennas, and later this year will be included with several other Antennas Direct and Mohu antenna models.

One of the antennas to include the Jolt Switch is the new ClearStream HORIZON antenna. This amplified indoor HDTV antenna is engineered to receive TV signals 60 miles away from broadcast towers. The ClearStream HORIZON offers a minimalistic design and installs like a soundbar, either mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface using its included kickstand. It costs $79.99 and is available for purchase today from Antennas Direct. This product will become more widely available on other ecommerce platforms next month.

“The cord-cutting movement isn’t letting up as Americans ditch their cable packages in droves for more affordable, user-friendly options. But we also know that consumers won’t sacrifice high-quality performance for lower cost,” said Richard Schneider, CEO and founder of Antennas Direct. “This is why Antennas Direct and Mohu continue to innovate new HDTV antennas and supporting devices that provide cord cutters with an optimal and affordable TV viewing experience. We’ve always been at the forefront of the cord-cutting movement, and we’re excited to continue creating products that help consumers maintain access to TV without the hefty subscription fees.”


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