Anti-HCR ad flights spawn response ads


Attacks against battleground Democratic legislators have not gong unnoticed by organizations supporting congressional efforts to pass health care reform. They are prepared to dig deep into their wallets to give those legislators some cover.

According to Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post, liberal organizations are prepared to go into local congressional districts and spend $11M defending those politicians under attack from HCR opponents.

An anonymous strategist told Cillizza, “Members should know that when they are attacked by hack inside-the-Beltway rackets like Americans for Prosperity, and when they do the right thing, we will have their backs.”

Some of the ads will be positive, touting the benefits of HCR. Others will hammer the insurance companies that are trying to defeat HCR and will urge the resident representative not to give in to them and support an HCR bill when it reaches the floor.

RBR-TVBR observation: One of the best things about the political category is that advertising breeds more advertising. Broadcasters, regardless of their own political leanings, have a civic trust to make airwaves available to all sides – and this is a good thing, since it is an excellent way to enrich the station’s cash register.