Anti-merger website set up to oppose Comcast/NBCU nuptials


The Coalition for Competition in Media, 21 members strong, is not forever holding its peace. Rather, it is making the case to keep Comcast and NBC Universal apart, saying that “…the merged entity will exert a degree of power unknown in our nation’s media history.” It has a new website to keep the message out there 24/7.

CCM says it opposes the merger “…because of the serious threats it poses to consumers, workers and the health of the media market. The Coalition is urging the FCC and Justice Department to consider the far-reaching implications this merger will have on competition and consumer choice, and is asking those agencies to use their authority to protect the public interest.”

In a letter to US Reps Rick Boucher (D-VA) and Bobby Rush (D-IL), CCM wrote, “As the nation’s largest cable company, the largest internet service provider, the owner of the NBC broadcast network, owner of the local NBC and Telemundo stations in some of the nation’s largest media markets, owner of dozens of national, regional and local news, entertainment and sports cable networks, and owner or part-owner of some of the most heavily visited websites on the internet, the merged entity will exert a degree of power unknown in our nation’s media history.”

The coalition includes a wide variety of organizations, watchdogs, unions, and competitors among them. The roster includes Free Press, Common Cause, New Media Rights, Greenlining Institute, National Telecommunications Cooperative Association, Bloomsberg, Writers Guild of America East, Writers Guild of America West, Mabuhay Alliance, WealthTV, Media Access Project, Parents Television Council, National Consumers League, OPASTCO, Rural Independent Competitive Alliance, Sports Fan Coalition, Western Telecom Alliance, National Coalition of African American Owned Media, National Organization of Women, and the National Association of Independent Networks