AOL launches upgraded news site


AOL has launched a completely revamped version of AOL News,, that adopts a blog format, combining traditional news sources, AOL programming and social news.

The center column of the main AOL News page features regularly updated top news stories, selected by AOL's editorial news staff, delivered in a blog-style format that lets users vote and comment on each story.
The right column offers news headlines, photos and breaking videos from The Associated Press, ABC News, CBS News, CNN and others. It also features links to AOL's roster of News Bloggers, including Mo Rocca, Dinesh D'Souza, The Young Turks and Power Line.

The left side of the page features stories that are generating the most user interest, including most popular and most commented on stories, along with user-submitted news.

The site also includes in-depth features, called Topics Pages, on a wide range of stories, such as elections, health, science and more. These Topic Pages include headlines, photos and videos, as well as interactive features and community elements.