AOL Video relaunches, integrates into AOL Programming sites


AOL announced the relaunch of its popular AOL Video portal, that will help redirect users to specific passion points within AOL Programming. Timed to the second anniversary of site’s original launch, the newly redesigned offering provides consumers access to over 200 million of videos, a new feature to assist in finding relevant clips, as well as new advertising capabilities.

Building upon the success of the original AOL Video site, the newly redesigned experience provides consumers with direct access to millions of free, high quality videos including music videos, news clips, movie trailers, viral videos, and full-length TV shows. The new portal allows consumers to easily browse, search and playback their favorite videos. The retooled site now offers a new feature that will help consumers quickly find relevant videos more quickly.

As part of the launch, AOL Video will be more tightly integrated into AOL programming sites and international properties. This merging of the two experiences brings the power of video into the myriad of AOL programming passion point sites including AOL Music, AOL Television and GameDaily. Consumers accessing the portal’s video search engine capability, powered by Truveo, will be sent into a combined AOL Programming / AOL Video experience, designed to integrate the AOL Video experiences inside of the relevant AOL programming channel.

In addition, the new video portal will feature new advertising opportunities, including custom video channel sponsorships, which take advantage of contextual placement capabilities that enable advertising to be presented on a channel, category or content level.

Since launching in August of 2006, AOL Video has experienced strong organic global growth to become one of the web’s largest video web portals. The site is currently the only video portal to have content syndication deals with all four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) and is the only site to have a deal with ESPN. AOL Video currently hosts 60 channels of legally licensed video syndicated content that allows users to watch clips from their favorite networks and 33 cable channels including MTV, E!, HGTV, Showtime and Discovery, as well as full on-demand episodes of top rated shows including CSI, Big Brother, Desperate Housewives, and Project Runway. In addition, users are able to search for videos from all over the web through AOL Video’s search capabilities powered by Truveo.