Apple, Google See Gold in The Dash


Apple-CarPlayApple and Google understand the money.

Amplifi Media President Steve Goldstein says before he attended last week’s Dash 3.0 conference, he didn’t realize a big reason Apple bought Beats and moved into streaming music is to complete their own dashboard eco-system. Otherwise, people might choose other streamers like Pandora or Spotify, he blogs (

Ford David DiMeo, director of Connected Car Innovations for Ford Direct agrees.

He told attendees when he gets in his car, Apple has made it so easy to use CarPlay consumers “don’t think of going anywhere else. How many people are going to go to NPR or others” meaning other radio in-car apps on their infotainment screen, “if the first thing they see on their screens in Apple?”

DiMeo told broadcasters: “If I was in your space, I’d want the real estate on the phone. I’d want them to listen to my station” on an app.

He said his kids consume content when and where they want. “The whole concept of waiting for a song they want to hear is gone for them.” Right now, radio is a mass market medium. With Android Auto and CarPlay facilitating listening to various types of audio content in the car, “the way consumers will consume information will change,” DiMeo predicted.