Apple, Pontiac scored $250K in media value from “24” season premiere

0 reports that Apple and Pontiac each received over $250,000 in Media Value from the season premiere of 24.  According to Front Row Analytics, Apple received $292,800 in exposure by 12 total sequences and Pontiac received $256,200 in exposure by 8 total sequences, including one verbal mention.  Front Row Analytics is the sponsorship evaluation division of Front Row Marketing Services, a Comcast-Spectacor subsidiary.

The Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland premiered on Fox Sunday January 17th. The eighth season premiere had its viewers full of suspense during the two night, four hour premiere. It is through different outlets like a hit televisions series that companies today are finding ways to advertise in order to capture the eyes of a large audience for an extended period of time.

“The brand exposure and media value that is received from being part of a huge television series like 24 are well worth the cost. With all of the fans that big time shows like 24 have, it allows the company to receive constant exposure and in turn receive a great competitive advantage over others in their market ” said VP of Project Management for Front Row Marketing Services, Eric Smallwood. Also gaining exposure from the eighth season of 24 are Ford, Chevy, and Sprint.

With new viewers hooked after an exciting premiere, and the show’s original fan base ready for another highly anticipated season, Apple Computers and Pontiac are bound to reach an even larger audience than expected. This makes the business decision to be part of such a successful series an easy one due to the amount of projected success of Apple, Pontiac, and the suspenseful eighth season of 24.