Aptivada Integrates With Top Automotive CRMs


The Salt Lake City company behind an audience engagement platform designed to help grow radio stations’ revenues through online contests and promotions has confirmed that it now has integration agreements with some of the automotive industry’s top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Aptivada has made its mark in recent years for its online contesting, marketing, revenue and promotions offerings. Now, it has integration with top automotive CRMs as well as such platforms as SalesForce, HubSpot, Vibes, Hip Cricket, and MailChimp.

These integrations, Aptivada explains, allow for the secure transfer of leads to advertisers and partners in real time, in addition to improving the front facing user and back end admin experiences by decreasing the amount of time spent working in separate programs and manually duplicating information and processes.

Further, Aptivada says, the integrations eliminate the heavy lifting internally on team members (sales, promotions, programming) and externally (clients, customers).

One client is Cumulus Media/Salt Lake City. The cluster’s Director of Sales, Kevin Schmerse, said, “The Auto Integration helped us secure a larger share of dollars for the cluster. Not only did we win the business but the client was so thrilled with the out of the box thinking and the measurable real-time results of the campaign, they signed a long term campaign agreement with us for the rest of the year.”

Aptivada co-founder Creighton Green added, “As a partner to over 2,300 television and radio stations, we are committed to staying ahead of the trends by building tools and products that will not only help our customers maintain current business but win over new clients as well. We are focused on building solutions to resolve challenges with the automotive industry in addition to securing and keeping dollars in the local markets. Implementing these integrations is truly a game changer for our partners and their clients.”