Arbitron hosts “Urban Radio in the PPM World”


Arbitron Director of Urban Media Services Julian Davis hosted “Urban Radio in the PPM World” webcast yesterday. During the webcast, Arbitron reviewed insights into how people listen to Urban radio as revealed by the Portable People Meter system.

Based on the findings in the presentation, radio continues to be the most influential medium among African-American consumers – reaching 97% of all Black persons 12+ each week. Black audiences continue to be extremely loyal to Urban radio. A full 75% of all African-American listeners 12+ spend most of their listening time with Urban radio, their number one format preference.

“We are continuing our efforts to help the industry make a successful and informed transition to electronic measurement,” said Davis.  “This includes providing agencies and advertisers with useful information that can help them make decisions in their radio planning and buying strategies in the Portable People Meter world and training radio broadcasters to effectively use new Portable People Meter audience insights to make their stations more attractive to advertisers. At Arbitron, we are working with Urban broadcasters and advertising agencies to help with the transition to the Portable People Meter and to highlight the importance of Urban radio and its connection to its audience.”

 “Urban Radio in the PPM World” is an ongoing series.  The next webcast will be on 3/19.