Arbitron issues top-line Chicago data


As it did a few days ago for Los Angeles, Arbitron has now released its first top-line data from its Portable People Meter (PPM) panel in Chicago. No surprises. As with all other PPM markets, Cumes are up sharply for nearly all formats and Spanish-dominant Hispanics are the heaviest listeners to radio.

Who doesn’t gain Cume under PPM? The format tally released by Arbitron shows a decline for Classical. And since there is only one Classical stations in the market, WFMT-FM, we can pretty easily figure out who saw their Cume drop from 295,000 in the Spring diary to 281,351 in the June non-currency PPM survey, a loss of 13,649. AC got the biggest boost, with Cume nearly tripling – and Oldies was close behind.


Source: Arbitron 

Arbitron’s first PPM survey for Chicago found Spanish-dominant Hispanics posted an AQH rating of 11.6 for persons using radio 12+, sharply higher than the 8.8 rating for English-dominant Hispanics. The AQH rating for All Persons was 10.7, 10.4 for all Hispanics and 9.2 for Blacks.