Arbitron looks at Jack, Bob, Oldies trends


As word continues to spread about WCBS-FM NY switching back to Oldies this week (you read it here First at RBR (07/06/07 RBR #131) and widely picked up by the consumer press, Arbitron took a look Friday at two formats of note in the Arbitron Radio Listening Trends, based on the continuously measured markets:

Since its inclusion in the list of Arbitron rated formats, Adults Hits (branded as JackTM, Bob and a few other friendly names), the format as a whole has increased it's audience share by more than 80%, beginning in Spring 2005 with a 2.0 Average Quarter-Hour (AQH) Share and growing to 2.6 in Winter of 2007.

Conversely, during that same time period, amongst those formats that have seen erosion to their audience share, Oldies has gone from a 3.8 AQH Share to a 2.6, a loss of more than 60%.