Arbitron makes another foray into video


The custom research division of Arbitron announced a deal to conduct a national survey for CARE Media Networks to measure the effectiveness of its KidCARE TV, Women’s HealthCARE TV and PetCARE TV networks. CARE Media Networks intends to use the survey data to compete with traditional media outlets for ad dollars.

The survey will measure the effectiveness of CARE Media Networks’ digital educational programs in the company’s three networks, KidCARE TV (pediatrician’s offices), Women’s HealthCARE TV (obstetrician’s offices), and PetCARE TV (veterinarian’s offices).

Arbitron’s research will be designed to gather information on patients’ awareness, acceptance, and recall of advertising after being exposed to CARE Media in a doctor’s waiting room. The study will provide CARE Media with audience estimates for each network, as well as figures for all three networks combined, that are equivalent to those used by traditional broadcast media.

“The results of this study will provide CARE Media with audience estimates and accountability metrics, the same tools used by traditional media, to compete for advertising dollars,” said Neal Bonner, Arbitron’s Director of Custom Research.

This is Arbitron’s third study conducted for CARE Media Networks. Arbitron previously conducted studies for KidCARE TV and Women’s HealthCARE TV.

RBR/TVBR observation: As all media goes digital and everyone competes with everyone else, every measurement company is out to grab as much market share as possible. Arbitron is measuring video. Nielsen is measuring radio. It’s a dog-eat-dog ratings world.