Arbitron paying dividend, names board


ArbitronStockholders who get a piece of Arbitron by the middle of June will have a little extra cash with which to celebrate Independence Day this year, and they will do so with full knowledge of who is currently sitting on the ratings firm’s Board of Directors.

The dividend will be one shiny new dime, payable on or about 7/2/12 to shareholders of record as of 6/15/12. Arbitron noted that as of 5/2/12 there were about 26.5K shares outstanding.

The board members were elected to one year terms 5/22/12, and include Shellye L. Archambeau, David W. Devonshire, John A. Dimling, Erica Farber, Ronald G. Garriques, Philip Guarascio, William T. Kerr, Larry E. Kittelberger, Luis G. Nogales, and Richard A. Post.

Arbitron provided brief bios of the members:

* Ms. Archambeau is Chief Executive Officer of MetricStream, Inc.
* Mr. Devonshire is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Motorola, Inc.
* Mr. Dimling is the former Chairman Emeritus and former President and Chief Executive Officer of Nielsen Media Research, Inc.
* Erica Farber, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Radio Advertising Bureau
* Ronald G. Garriques, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Gee Holdings LLC and former President, Communication Solutions Group of Dell Inc.
* Mr. Guarascio is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PG Ventures LLC and former Vice President, General Manager of General Motors Corporation’s North America Advertising and Corporate Marketing
* Mr. Kerr is President and Chief Executive Officer of Arbitron Inc.
* Mr. Kittelberger is the former Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations of Honeywell International, Inc.
* Mr. Nogales is the Managing Partner of Nogales Investors LLC and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Embarcadero Media, Inc.
* Mr. Post is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Autobytel Inc.