Arbitron Ratings sees Executive Shuffle


Owen Charlebois President, Technology and Research & Development will depart March 22nd. Owen joined the company in January 2001. That is the official note filed on Arbitron’s 8-K report. Prior to joining Arbitron, Owen was president and CEO of BBM Bureau of Measurement for 10 years. Immediately before joining BBM, Owen was a senior executive of the Gallup Organization in Canada, from 1987 through 1990. In his last two years at Gallup, Owen was president, responsible for all of Gallup’s Canadian operations.

Staying put is Pierre Bouvard. His current post of President/Sales Marketing will be cut and he will get a new title of EVP of Sales.

According to, both Bouvard and Charlebois’s total 2007 compensation packages, including salary, incentive bonuses, stock awards, etc., were around $1.1 million.