Arbitron releases RADAR 100; Dial-Global wins again


Arbitron reported in its March 2009 RADAR radio network audience ratings (RADAR 100) more than 186 million persons 12+ heard one or more network radio commercials each week of the survey period, up from 184 million just three months ago. The RADAR 100 survey period saw an increase in the number of persons reached by network radio from the RADAR 99 period.

Dial Global’s Contemporary Network, Adult Power and Complete FM took the first three rankers this time around in the coveted 25-54 demo. “Dial Global is very pleased with the RADAR 100 results. We have seen a trend over recent quarters where companies who are able to increase their affiliations, number of airplays and improve their clearances are able to grow their ratings. Although, listening for the most part remains the same, as PPM data is incorporated into the national services we are seeing lower average audiences from respondents but increased reach for the networks which overall is very positive”, said Charles Steinhauer, EVP Operations/Research, Dial Global.       

Indeed, the RADAR 100 release is the sixth RADAR release to include both Arbitron PPM and diary respondents. The PPM data included in the RADAR 100 release are from the Houston-Galveston and Philadelphia Metro markets for the Winter 2008, Spring 2008, Summer 2008 and Fall 2008 surveys, from New York, Los Angeles, Riverside, Chicago and San Francisco-San Jose for the Summer 2008 and Fall 2008 Surveys, and from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Washington DC and Detroit for the Fall 2008 Survey.

Some notes about RADAR 100:
* The effect of PPM on the networks seems to mirror what is happening in the local markets. Cumes are up, AQH is down. However, there were 18 networks that saw increases in RADAR 100: ABCRN’s Music and Prime Reach, CMN’s Prestige I & II, Dial Global’s Contemporary, Digital 24/7 and Music & Entertainment, Premiere’s Emerald, Female Focus, FOX News, Male Focus, Morning Drive, Ruby, Sapphire, Sapphire Plus, Westwood’s Traffic I Sponsorship, WFM Weekday, and WON I.
* Overall, while Network radio was nearly flat versus RADAR 99–(-0.2% with Adults 25-54), the networks increased 3.4% in Adult 25-54 gross impressions versus one year ago (RADAR 96).  Since RADAR 96 (March 2008), a new network company has joined RADAR (United Stations) and new stations were added to Dial Global’s networks that had never before been a part of a RADAR network.
* ABCRN dropped two networks (Morning News and Daytime Direction) and Premiere added two networks (Modern Women and Today’s Men) keeping the total number of networks in RADAR at 58.

Among the prime audience demographics sought by advertisers, the commercials aired on the 58 radio networks reached:
• 73.1% of Persons 12+
• 73.5% of Persons 18+; (169,479,000 Persons)
• 73.5% of Persons 35+; (117,627,000 Persons)
• 74.5% of Persons 18-49; (100,963,000 Persons)
• 74.9% of Persons 25-54; (95,021,000 Persons)


Arbitron’s rankers, below: