Arbitron releases RADAR 112 audience data


ArbitronDid you know 241.2 million persons age 12+ tune to radio each week? Well, this and other data was released 3/13 as part of highlights from Arbitron’s March 2012 RADAR 112 National Radio Listening Report.  The report shows the number represents some 93% of the population.  

In addition to maintaining its audience of persons aged 12+, young radio listeners continue to hold steady year over year with persons aged 12 to 17 remaining flat at 22.7 million weekly listeners.  Adults aged 18 to 34 also remained nearly unchanged compared to RADAR March 2011 data.  There are currently 66.4 million adults aged 18-34 tuning in to radio on a weekly basis.  Radio continues to attract 126.2 million adults aged 18-49 and 119.4 million adults aged 25-54 on a weekly basis. 

Radio’s diverse listener base continues to grow, with the number of weekly listeners increasing among Black (non-Hispanic) and Hispanic persons aged 12+. 

•           The report shows a significant increase in Hispanic listeners.  Radio’s Hispanic audience aged 12 and older grew by nearly 2 million versus the March 2011 report.  Radio reaches 95% of Hispanics aged 12+. 

•           Hispanic Adults aged 18-49 increased the most over the past year, adding nearly 1 million weekly listeners.  

•           Black (non-Hispanic) listeners also grew year over year, gaining 391,000 weekly listeners aged 12 and older.  Radio reaches approximately 93% of the Black (non-Hispanic) population. 

The latest RADAR also illustrates radio’s ability to attract affluent, educated consumers.  More than 71 million adults aged 18-49 with a household income of $75K or more tune in to radio on a weekly basis. And, 26 million adults aged 25-54 with a household income of $75K and a college education tune into radio weekly.  Arbitron notes that some fluctuation in the data is due to the inclusion of 2010 Census population estimates projected to 2012. 

RADAR networks include those from American Urban Radio Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Cumulus Media Networks, Dial Global, Premiere Radio Networks and United Stations Radio Networks.

The sample size for the RADAR March 2012 Report is 395,561 persons aged 12+. This large sample is designed to provide more stability for key demographic estimates, dayparts, and Market-by-Market Analysis reports, which report all individual DMAs. The report includes data from all 48 Arbitron PPM markets. The survey dates for RADAR 112 were from January 6, 2011 to December 7, 2011.