Arbitron releases RADAR 97 Network Ratings


Arbitron released its June 2008 RADAR radio network audience reports (RADAR 97), covering the period April 5, 2007 to April 2, 2008, which includes PPM and diary respondents. For P12+, Jones MAI Adult Power was #1; Dial Global Contemporary Network #2 and ABC Daytime Direction Network #3. For 18-49, Dial Global Contemporary Network took the top spot; Dial Global Complete FM Network took second and Jones MAI Adult Power third. And for Adults 25-54, Dial Global Contemporary Network was tops; Jones MAI Adult Power second and Dial Global Complete FM Network third.   

So, Dial Global continues its upward domination of the rankers. We asked VP/Ops Charles Steinhauer a bit about it: "We are extremely pleased with the performance of the latest RADAR survey. Across the board I think the network radio industry consistently demonstrates its value in the media mix. The programs, services and the hard work of the people represented by the performance of these networks shows the commitment to our clients we have made."

See the full rankers here

ABC continues to have the largest share of gross impressions for Adults 25-54, while Premiere has largest share of A 18-49 impressions. This is United Stations’ first RADAR. Dial Global has the largest percent gains in gross impressions. Together with JMA, comprise approx 12% of all RADAR Gross Impressions.


RADAR 97 marks an increase in sample size to more than 250,000 respondents.  By December 2008, Arbitron plans to increase the sample size to 300,000 respondents. RADAR 97 is the third RADAR release to include both PPM and diary respondents. The PPM data included in the RADAR 97 release are from the Houston-Galveston and Philadelphia Metro markets for the Summer 2007, Fall 2007 and Winter 2008 surveys. For the Spring 2007 survey, diary data are included for those Metro markets. Because RADAR audience estimates are based on four quarterly surveys, the PPM respondents for Houston-Galveston and Philadelphia account for three-quarters of those Metro market’s audience estimates.