Arbitron releases RADAR December 2012 ratings


ArbitronThey don’t supply the rankers anymore, so there’s not much to say: Arbitron reported in its December 2012 RADAR ratings that over 181 million Persons 12+, or approximately 69% of this demographic, heard one or more network radio commercials in an average week of the survey period. That’s down from 189 million persons 12+ or 73% of the demo from a year earlier.

The RADAR December 2012 survey period demonstrates network radio’s power in reaching a mass audience in all demographics.  Commercials aired on the 49 radio networks measure reached:

•           69.2 percent of Persons aged 12+ (181,118,000 Persons)

•           69.7 percent of Persons aged 18+ (164,779,000 Persons)

•           69.0 percent of Persons aged 35+ (113,267,000 Persons)

•           72.2 percent of Persons aged 18-49 (97,075,000 Persons)

•           72.8 percent of Persons aged 25-54 (92,004,000 Persons)

Arbitron RADAR December 2012 is the standard currency for national network radio ratings and measures 49 individual radio networks. These networks are operated by American Urban Radio Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Cumulus Media Networks, Dial Global Inc., Premiere Radio Networks, and United Stations Radio Networks.

The sample size for the RADAR December 2012 Report is 395,823 persons aged 12 and older. This large sample is designed to provide more stability for key demographic estimates, dayparts, and Market-by-Market Analysis reports, which report all individual DMAs.

The RADAR December 2012 Report includes data from all 48 Arbitron PPM markets. The survey dates for RADAR 115 were from September 15, 2011 to September 12, 2012.