Arbitron revises Fresno data; three stations affected


ArbitronIn a letter to clients, Arbitron says six Spring 2013 Phase 2 Fresno metro diaries were returned from a media-affiliated household. Arbitron says it has confirmed that these diaries shouldn’t be included in the In-Tab sample. Revised Spring Phase 2 Fresno Arbitrends data, based on an In-Tab sample that excludes these diaries, releases on 7/9 at 12:00 Noon PT.

Says Arbitron: “Audience estimates reported for KJWL-FM and KYNO-AM may be substantially affected. Estimates for KFIG-AM may be affected to a lesser extent. In addition, estimates to stations that were not recorded in the deleted diaries may be slightly affected as a result of sample balancing and reprocessing procedures that accompany deletion of any diary from the sample.”

AC KJWL-FM is owned by John Edwards; Oldies KYNO and ESPN Radio affiliated KFIG are owned by Fat Dawgs 7 Broadcasting.

The Phase 2 Trends cover April-June and they contain two thirds of the Fresno Spring quarterly book.