Arbitron shares the wealth


There is still time to get on board with Arbitron and get a piece of the dividend distribution it has in the works on or about 10/1/13. The deadline to qualify for a piece of the action is close of business on 9/16/13.

The quarterly dividend will amount to $0.10 per common share.

This may or may not be Arbitron’s final dividend payment. The company’s acquisition by Nielsen is pending, and that may have an effect on the distribution if closing takes place before the 9/16/13 qualification date.

In the event the sale to Nielsen does occur within the time frame specified, the dividend will be pro-rated back to 6/17/13, with each common share generating just over a tenth of a cent per day for each day – that is what the dime breaks down to based on a full term for the offering – and will be  paid within 30 days of the merger’s closing.