Arbitron signs AdsWizz for audio streaming measurement


Addressing the continued migration of listening to online, Arbitron has decided to get back into the streaming audio measurement biz though a collaboration deal with Belgium-based AdsWizz. The company provides clients with audio ad serving and audience measurement services. For Arbitron, it will collect streaming audio listening data by using server-based metrics and process the server-based streaming log file for its planned digital radio service. Arbitron quietly decided to get out of the streaming radio ratings business in early 2009 and discontinued its relationship with comScore.

Arbitron COO Sean Creamer talked a bit about it in their Q3 conference call (10/25): “In terms of our total radio measurement initiatives, we signed last week an agreement with AdsWizz, a leading provider of server-based ad-serving and measurement solutions. AdsWizz will process the server-based streaming log file for our planned digital radio service. This collaboration is designed to help us to realize our vision of providing standard reporting metrics for over the air and digital streaming audiences on behalf of our current radio broadcast customers and for digital music service clients. We’re currently working with both our radio station clients and the digital service providers to develop the first report deliverables.”

RBR-TVBR observation: The industry currently relies on companies like Ando Media for streaming numbers. However, the buyers may be more inclined to work though a standardized reporting system for the numbers that includes terrestrial radio. It may save labor, calculations and explanations to advertiser clients on some audio buys.