Arbitron soars as Washington brakes ahead of the cliff


Wall Street gave thumbs up and then some to the sale of Arbitron to Nielsen, sending its stock rocketing upward. Meanwhile, America is still hurtling toward the dreaded fiscal cliff, but there are signs that finally an attempt is being made to step on the brakes. And Wall Street likes that – less fear of a downward trajectory off the cliff fed a Tuesday upward trajectory on prices.

The RBR Radio Index rose 12.509, or 3.0%, to 426.397.

The TVBR Television Index rose 4.558, or 1.4%, to 341.909.

Arbitron, up 23.6%
Saga, up 3.0%
Fisher, up 2.4%

Emmis, down 2.8%
Clear Channel, down 0.3%