Arbitron wins Houston appeal with MRC; Houston re-accredited


We’ve heard Arbitron has won the Houston appeal at the 1/22 MRC meeting and got Houston re-accredited…for now. Arbitron declined comment and is not allowed to talk about the MRC process, however, Arbitron spokesperson Thom Mocarsky did confirm with RBR that PPM in Houston will continue being an active currency going forward. Arbitron presented to the MRC 1/22 the latest progress on improving PPM sample data, including specific plans for improving SPI [sample performance index], compliance rates and representation of the younger demo groups.

RBR/TVBR observation: Remember, the number of 18-24 year-olds in Houston’s PPM panels has been improving, Arbitron noted this month at its PPM conference call. Arbitron’s figures showing the Houston panel being above the targeted in-tabs and Designated Delivery Index (DDI) in most key categories probably is what got the thumbs up from MRC. We also haven’t seen some of the ratings declines in Houston that have been experienced in Philly. This is a good sign for Arbitron, especially if it can be replicated in other markets and if it keeps up its focus on recruiting more folks in the 18-24 demo.