Arbitron, WKYC-TV settle lawsuit


ArbitronGannett’s WKYC-TV Cleveland (NBC) has settled over legal action brought by Arbitron for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and false designation of origin under the Lanham Act.

In a lawsuit filed 1/25, Arbitron alleged that WKYC-TV copied and distributed Arbitron’s copyrighted audience estimates without its permission, and that WKYC-TV improperly used Arbitron’s federally registered trademarks to create the false impression that non-Arbitron audience estimates for Internet radio service Pandora were genuine Arbitron products.

WKYC-TV agreed to settle for an undisclosed sum. The broadcaster also agreed not to engage in any activities that would infringe Arbitron’s intellectual property rights in its data, info and audience estimates. Arbitron agreed not to pursue legal action against WKYC as long as it complies with the terms of the settlement agreement.