Arbitron/Edison study looks at Religious Radio P1’s


ArbitronArbitron and Edison Research have released data from their 2013 “Infinite Dial” study. The latest info looks at P1s for Religious stations. AM/FM Radio is the top in-car medium; CD player usage is higher than average. Two-thirds have a profile on social media, led by Facebook, followed distantly by LinkedIn. More than twice as many as average have signed up to receive email from their P1 radio station.

One-third tune in to online radio on a weekly basis, but are less likely than the average radio listener to use Pandora—only 12% did so in the past week. 44% of Religious P1s are familiar with podcasting, but 16% listened to one in the last month, also above the overall average.


71% of Religious P1 listeners have Wi-Fi in their homes. 27% live in homes with at least five Wi-Fi connected devices. About one-third of Religious P1s watch YouTube on a weekly basis. 54% are likely to keep their cell phone ‘within arm’s length.” Only 44% own a smartphone.

91% tune in to terrestrial radio in the car, followed by 71% who listen to their CD players. Only 26% use an iPod/MP3 Player; 12% use satellite radio in their car and 3% listen to HD Radio. 4% listen to online radio in the car, well below the 12% average.