Arby’s and eBay: Eating It Up At Cable TV


by Diana Stokey, Media Monitors

It’s got the meats. It’s also got a hunger for growing sales at its restaurants by investing in cable spots.

Arby’s is the latest QSR to use local and regional TV spots on cable networks to attract an audience, based on the latest data from Media Monitors.

In its Spot Ten Cable report for the week ending Dec. 3, Arby’s debuts at No. 9, with 25,522 spots placed at the networks Media Monitors tracks.

Meanwhile, eBay — with recently appointed Multicultural Marketing Manager Leylha Ahuile actively looking to grow the brand — is in the Spot Ten for cable with 27,299 spots, debuting at No. 7.

To little surprise there is a new leader at the top, and it is perhaps the biggest advertiser in all media in 2017: GEICO. The car insurance specialist is tops with 49,615 spots.