Are The ‘Big Hits’ Set To Die In Alabama?


In the city of Decatur, Ala., just west of Huntsville, sits a Class C AM with 1 tower and 1kw of power.

At present, it is the originating station of FM translator W234AD at 94.7 MHz, branded as “Oldies 94.7 FM.”

The station’s tagline? “Where the Big Hits Never Die.”

That could now be in question, as the translator and AM have just been sold.

Going with the translator is WIEZ-AM 1490, and Focus Radio Communications is selling the properties to MKRadio1 LLC for $131,500.

The deal is structured so that Joshua Bohn will surrender his ownership shares for $112,000.

Then, the buyer will enter into a Closing Agreement to provide engineering services to FRC and forgive outstanding debts valued at $9,500, to be completed within 6 months of the consummation of the transaction.

Who’s the buyer? Assignee MKRadio1 LLC is an entity that sees Bohn holding 85% ownership.

Thus, WIEZ’s ownership is going through a restructuring, and he will still be in control — with no other broadcast media assets except WTKI-AM in Huntsville, Ala. — a 1kw Class C serving Huntsville that cannot reach Decatur.