Are You Ready For Some Stimuli?


If you’re heading to the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia, 9/23-9/25, I hope you’ll find time to attend the RADIO STIMULUS PACKAGE session happening Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. in Room 201A.  We have assembled a list of broadcast experts who we’re calling Radio Stimulus Czars, to discuss their ideas of how to get our great industry not only up and running in today’s tough economy, but how to thrive. 

Our list of Radio Czars include:

Ed Christian: President, CEO and Chairman of Saga Communications Inc.

Mark Ramsey:   President, Mark Ramsey Media.

Bill Figenshu: President and CEO of Fig Media and President of Station Development and Operations for Peak Broadcasting.

Heidi Raphael:   Vice President of Corporate Communication of Greater Media.

Larry Rosin:  Co-Founder and President of Edison Research.

John Debella: Legendary Philadelphia Air Personality and Morning Man at WMGK. 

John Parikhal:  President of Joint Communications. 

Fred Jacobs:  Founder and President of Jacobs Media. 

Czar Parikhal will spend his time at the podium urging radio professionals to use strategic thinking and urge programmers and talent to focus on what’s immediately relevant.

Bill Figenshu will use his time to remind broadcasters that it’s time to stop expecting radio to perform like it’s 1999 and quit looking to the good old days for answers.

John Debella:  Well, he should add some comic relief—that’s what we’re paying him for!

This looks to be a high energy 75 minute session with lots of opinions and ideas from some of the industry’s best thinkers.  Hope you can join us.

— Greg Solk, Vice President/Programming, Bonneville International Corp.