Arizona, drug companies spots revealed


According to Arbitron, Phoenix is the 15th largest radio market with a population of 3,326,200 and it keeps growing. According to Media Monitors, the #1 radio advertiser in that market last week was SAFELITE AUTOGLASS with 738 spots. TOYOTA was #2 running 695 ads, while GEICO was #3 with 656 spots. EPSON was #4 with 615 commercials and PROACTIV SOLUTION was #5 airing 595 announcements. SHANE COMPANY came in #6 with 548 spots, while MIDWAY CHEVROLET jumped from #13 to #7 with 517 ads. BASHAS’ SUPERMARKETS came in #8 with 491 spots and NISSAN drove from #23 to #9 with 461 spots. Coming in #10 was the US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES with 448 spots.

Drug companies: This category should not be confused with spots that focus on specific drugs or products. These spots are presented by the pharmaceutical companies asking people to become part of clinic trials or to make people aware of certain disorders and diseases and available treatments. #1 Pharmaceutical company in the Unites States on the radio was BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM with 553 spots. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF RETINEA SPECIALISTS – GENENTECH was #2 with 477 ads. SANOFI PASTEUR was #3 with 132 spots, while PFIZER was #4 with 102 commercials, while RHODES PHARMACEUTICALS was #5 airing 80 announcements. GLAXOSMITHKLINE was #6 with 77 spots and NEXBIO was #8 with 54 spots. ENDO PHARMACEUTICALS was #9 with 45 spots and BTG was #10 with 44 spots.

GEICO continues its streak of #1 since last fall with 44,506 spots. SAFELITE AUTOGLASS holds onto #2 with 38,409 ads, while THE HOME DEPOT spring from #11 to #3 with 27,767 spots. MCDONALD’S gets #4 and “lovin’ it” with 24,865 spots and the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE scores #5 with 21,654 spots.