Arkansas deal adds to Crain daisychain


$566K KHAN-FM Kensett AR from Malvern Entertainment Corporation/Gray Media Corporation (Scott A. Gray) to Crain Media Corporation (Larry Crain Sr., Janett Crain, Larry Crain Jr., Christopher Crain et al). $100K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Daisy-chain overlap with KWCK AM-FM Searcy AR, KAWW-AM/KEAZ-FM Heber Springs AR, KSMD-FM Pangburn AR. [FCC file date 6/19/12]

$57K FM CP Elko NV from Smith and Fitzgerald Partnership (Benjamin P. Smith) to Elko Broadcasting Company (Paul G. Gardner, Ketra D. Gardner). Cash. LMA until closing. CP is for Class C2 on 104.7 MHz with 1.15 kW @ 1,539’.  [FCC file date 6/18/12]