ARNN letting new short form news run contract-free


ARNN / America's Radio News NetworkAmerica’s Radio News’ just-launched Short-Form (America’s Radio News sister network), delivering of top and bottom of the hour news 24/7, is being offered up on a free trial-basis for a 45-day free trial, starting Monday, 4/2. The offer is aimed at CNN Radio affiliates that will have to choose a new news provider on 4/2, ARNN CEO Mark Masters tells RBR-TVBR.

Because of the growth of America’s Radio News Network’s long-form programming, and the demand for short form top and bottom of the hour news brought on by CNN’s imminent departure from radio news, America’s Radio News Network has moved up its schedule for the launch of its second news network to accommodate the needs of radio stations looking for short form news.

ARNN’s offer states: “We’re so confident that this is the best top and bottom of the hour news product on the air, we are willing to allow you to air it, without inventory requirement – contract free through May 15th. So, all you have to ask yourself is, ‘What am I going to do with over 700 extra minutes of local inventory, if I take ARNN up on its free sample offer’?”

ARNN, combined with America’s Morning News now has over 275 affiliates and is heard daily 15 hours-a-day, 5 days-a-week and has resulted in many full format flips to all news, weekdays M-F. 

“ARNN’s new top-and bottom-of-the-hour news features now means that our rapidly growing family of network affiliates will no longer have to break away from our existing ARNN long-form news blocks to hear that hour’s top breaking national and international news stories,” says Mark Masters, ARNN CEO.