As Movie Ad Spend Rises, More Dollars Go to TV


People watching TVThe movie box office rebounded in 2015, hitting a high of more than $11B.

At the same time, ad spending by the studios rose between 1 to 2%, according to Kantar Media.

With December figures yet to include, Kantar projects movie total ad spend will be at least $3.45B and $3.55B, a gain of $100M over 2012.

Television is getting more of the ad spend that used to go to newspapers, Media Life reports.

Some 80% of the studio’s money goes to television advertising, according to Kantar Media, which notes the number of films released that studios are willing to spend at least $25M in advertising on is increasing, from 50 in 2012 to between 55 and 60 in 2015.


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