Assorted Mintz get into Class A


Seven low power licenses in three high-powered markets are changing hands as part of the Equity Media Holdings auction off. Mako Communications, headed by six members of the Mintz family, is the buyer. The Mintz’s include Amanda, Laurie, Sean, Julie, Howard and Libby.

The stations are all independent or affiliated with niche networks, and three are paired analog/digital operations. The price for the total package is $675K.

Here’s how it all breaks down.

In Atlanta, Mako is snapping up WYGA-CA and WYGA-LD. That portion of the transaction is valued at $175K.

In Seattle, KUSE-CA and KUSE-LD are being acquired, also with a value of $175K.

In Las Vegas, Mako gets standalone KNBX-CA, also for $175K.

Also in Las Vegas, Mako is picking up KEGS-CA and KEGS-LD, with a attributed value of $150K.