At FCC, there is no strenuous objection


The reasons, among others, are allegations that Clear Channel "engineered an unauthorized transfer of control" for WQYZ-FM Ocean Springs MS; the allegation that it is a recidivist indecency violator; and allegations that it misrepresents material before the FCC and lacks candor. However, the FCC pointed out the WJZD has made all these charges before, and lacking a showing of "material error or omission in the original order," and failing to raise "additional facts not known or not existing until after the petitioner’s last opportunity to present such matters," leaves the Commission with no need to anything other than stand by its original ruling.

RBR/TVBR observation: This situation, which we see repeated in one form or another from time to time, obviously brings to mind the famous scene in "A Few Good Men" when the Demi Moore character refuses to let an overruled objection lie and ups to ante to a strenuous objection. The ultimate effect is to force a presumably impartial authority to defend your opponent.

And another word of advice to those who would challenge a license because at some time in the past a licensee has been fined over one matter or another. If the fine has been paid, even if its for something you may consider morally reprehensible like uttering a bad word over the airwaves, then the matter is closed and cannot be used to punish the licensee on some new unrelated matter.

This is not to say that we think all license renewal objections are necessarily frivolous. If a license challenger believes it has a genuine grievance, it is perfectly within its right to press its case. But there is also such a thing as a futile challenge. And it is your own time and money you’ll be saving if you know when to let the matter go.