Atlanta AM finds a new owner


WAZX-AM serves Atlanta from the close-in suburb of Smyrna GA to the northeast of the city – but it hasn’t been serving anybody since late last summer. A new owner will try to amend that situation. DTS Broadcasting LLC, headed by David Stewart, Tok Cha Stewart and Sarah McCorkle, will get the station the $1.5M cash. The seller is Javier Macias’ Ga-Mex Broadcasting Inc. The station, which was using a Spanish variety format, is said to have been silent since last August.

WAZX fires up 50,000 watts of power when the sun comes up, but has much less to work with at night.
Macias retains WAZX-FM Cleveland GA, which is not in the Atlanta area but rather is further north just below the Chattahoochee National Forest. In an unusual arrangement, according to the contract, both the buyer and the seller will have the right to use the basic WAZX call letters, although of course the FM will have to append the –FM suffix.