Atlanta AM wannabe sold


SoldWDGR-AM is licensed to the town of Dahlonega GA, an off-the-beaten-path locality in terms of Arbitron audience measurement. It is hoping to approach Atlanta under the auspices of a new owner if a CP for a new community of license can be extended.

The seller is Hye Cha Kim.

The buyer is Kyung S. Park’s Hanmi Media Group LLC.

The price is conditional.

The station has a CP to move from its Dahlonega digs, where it’s licensed as a Class D 10 kW daytimer on 1210 kHz. It’s destination is Lawrenceville on the same frequency with double the power during the day and a single Watt of power to keep the station at least nominally present on the airwaves when the sun is down.
The problem is that the CP expires 4/15/13; another problem is that the station is currently silent.

So here’s the plan: Kim will get the station back on air in Dahlonega ASAP at his own expense. He will also seek to cancel the CP and replace it with a new one that it substantially the same with the exception that it list Hanmi as the applicant. If granted, Hanmi will may all cost associated with constructing the facility at its new home.

The price depends on whether or not the CP is reinstated in Hanmi’s name. Hanmi will pay $20K for the station at closing; if the CP is a go, it will pay an additional $80K. If it isn’t, then there will be no additional payment.

The Lawrenceville CP will give the station coverage of the area to the northeast of the city. It will not get to the yellow part of the greater Atlanta map.

It will pair up with WPBS-AM Conyers GA, which Hanmi’s Park owns under the name Atlanta Radio Korea, and which is LMA’d to Pacificstar Media Group. WPBS is a Class D 50 kW daytimer located to the east of the city, and it does put its primary contour over half of the yellow part of the map.