ATSC 3.0 Starter Kits On The Way


A series of ATSC 3.0 “starter kits” designed to bring broadcasters up to speed with the new broadcast television standard in a real-world environment are set for introduction throughout 2017 — giving TV stations everything from file-based monitoring to live encoding and over-the-air transmission options.

The kits are being released by Triveni Digital, and will get their first-ever demonstration at the 2017 NAB Show, set for April 24-27.

Triveni Digital can be found at booth N2031.

“The ATSC 3.0 standard is on the verge of completion, which will provide broadcasters with a wide range of benefits based on the ability to comprehensively distribute a hybrid mix of broadcast and broadband IP content to fixed and mobile receivers for the very first time,” said Ralph Bachofen, Triveni Digital’s VP/Sales & Marketing. “It will also require a steep learning curve for broadcasters. Joining forces with other technology leaders, we’re excited to offer broadcasters complete ATSC 3.0 solutions for various needs. Becoming familiar with the new standard now, in their own facilities, broadcasters can ensure the transition is fast and smooth.”

The starter kits will be available in several options to meet broadcasters’ unique infrastructure requirements and knowledge of the ATSC 3.0 standard. The entry-level package includes Triveni Digital’s StreamScope XM MT, without any physical inputs, for file-based analysis. Using this solution, broadcasters can gain greater insight into the physical structure of ATSC 3.0.

The second option includes Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder XM, ROUTE/MMTP encoder, and a live source simulator.

More advanced starter kits will feature additional elements of the ATSC 3.0 workflow such as encoding, packaging, modulation, gateways, and exciters — from third-party technology partners.

Triveni Digital will fully integrate the starter kits into broadcasters’ facilities to ensure a smooth ATSC 3.0 deployment and testing process. 


  1. What can the average OTA TV view expect out of atsc 3 other then better picture and sound. 1 more or less channels? 2 difficulty of receiving channels, low vhf? 3 do I need high speed internet to take full advantage of atsc 3? Thank you.

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